I remember a friend telling me about the dedication and love a dog has for its owner. The story goes like this: “Put your dog and your wife into the trunk of your car and drive around for 30 minutes; when you open the trunk observe which one is happy to see you?”

Of course this is an extreme example a human being would never do, but it does examplify the love and dedication a dog has for its owner. I heard an analogy recently that said a dog is a perpetual two year old child. I think this analogy is quite correct. If you have owned a dog you realize the humorous things he or she will get into on a daily basis. If you are not an owner search for “dog funny moments” on YouTube sometime. You will be entertained by the calamity the dogs will achieve in the most innocent settings. After watching my dog Ruger (Black German Shepherd) I don’t believe I have loved anyone like he loves our family. A dog is content to just sit beside you and wait for your attention. When was the last time you waited on someone like your dog does for you? A dog is an animal no doubt but I think we can learn a great deal from such innocent love.

If you have a dog, just watch him for a few minutes today. Observe the simplicity of their lives. Television, technology, fancy house, expensive car mean nothing to your dog. Your love and attention is the only thing of value in their lives. The human race could learn much from emulating the simplicity, love and dedication of a dog.

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