Feedback Forms and Underperformance

The world changed in 2020 with the Corona Virus, this is unarguable. The way we do business has switched too primarily being online. Our need for cell phones and high speed internet has greatly increased. I want to present a couple things I have noticed in the last year. The path businesses will take in the future and their success might depend on its trajectory.

I do not complain very often about products or services rendered. I realize people have bad days, and sometimes life just happens, even when you are at work. I had to think long to remember the last time I filled out a feedback form that was adverse. I have filled out 3 of them in the last 4 months. I did a self inventory trying to see if turning 60 had made me a grumpy old man. I think I am stable, so I will proceed. I will focus on the one complaint and leave the other two for your imagination. I buy Apple products. I signed up for the Apple credit card the minute it was available. I have purchased at least 5 products (iPhones, iWatch, computers, etc…) and paid them off well before the 24 months (0% interest) ran out. I was attempting to pay off my iPhone 12 Max with the stimulus check we just received. The stimulus check is a subject for another post. They allowed me to pay everything on the card but $4.51? I called to ask why, and I won’t bore you with the details but the lady at the support site told me “You don’t have a problem”. You read that correctly. I assured her I did have a problem and would like to resolve it. I couldn’t pay that $4.51 for 60 days, period. I told her to cancel my card. I filled out a questionnaire sent to me by Apple. I gave them the lowest scores I could put on the form, and left a note to call me (cell number provided) if they wanted more information, one week and counting and no phone call. This has happened with all 3 forms I have filled out in the last 4 months. No, call. No contact. So why do they send feedback forms? To show on paper they tried to get your feedback? To place a check in the box on some HR paperwork? I am not sure, but a company as big as Apple doesn’t care if I am dissatisfied. I think there is a growing number of companies that feel this way.

Is it possible the Pandemic has given companies the excuse they need to provide underwhelming service? I could continue these examples with my internet service. Pay for a 1000MB account, lucky to get 300MB. I should just pay for the 300MB account? The problem would be I wouldn’t get 300MB. One day, a new service will emerge and Cox, AT&T, MediaCom and other companies are going to feel the pinch from months, possibly years of charging for services they didn’t provide. Yes, the pandemic has slowed down our economy and forced us to spend more time at home observing things we might not have paid attention to prior. I have officially quit filling out feedback forms. If they are not read, why write them? Let me know your thoughts on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Feedback Forms and Underperformance

  1. Denise says:

    I feel your pain, I filled one out for a product and heard back from them 7 months later which at that time I told them forget about it I fixed the problem myself.

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  2. Shelby says:

    I’ve always had trouble with Apple. I remember needing to sign up for an account on their site for something, they said they needed to send me an email before I could proceed. Several attempts and still no email to this day, and this was back in 2015. Customer support kept telling me to wait. *shrug*


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