Learning to Stop at the correct Time

Life is peculiar. At times we find difficulty starting a project, then there are times we have difficulty knowing when to stop. This scenario is played out in many areas of life. I want to briefly analyze this scenario through a couple of examples I believe most will easily identify.

Be aware how fast the milk is pouring.

If you have ever watched a child attempt to pour milk into a bowl of cereal it can be an unnerving event. The biggest problem, of course, is the child pouring too quickly and you have a terrific mess on your hands. This lesson shows us the need for a steady hand, balance and patience. Let’s continue with this scenario, you must be able to calculate when to stop pouring. The final thing to consider: Does the container need to be moved after the pouring is completed. We could write an entire thesis paper for college with this scenario. In order to know when to stop for this case, you must employ a Stephen Covey tenet: “Begin with the end in mind.” So many things go into this operation but we are concentrating on when to stop. Remember, many errors are made by exceeding our limits. You can always add more milk to the bowl easier than removing the milk afterward. Maybe the old adage less is more applies in many situations.

The perfect cup of coffee

That first cup of coffee in the morning, that first drink more specifically is magical. That first sip, if the coffee is prepared correctly is hard to duplicate. Yet, there is a point where the feel good sensation starts to fade. You start consuming for caffeine boosts and no longer are enjoying the sheer essence of the morning coffee experience. This happens in spending money, eating food, visiting with family and friends, etc… Is it possible our rush of events prevents the enjoyment of…. fill in the blanks? The perfect cup of coffee becomes an event, if you permit the time.

Stop talking sooner not later

A quote I use often is: “I used to think some things in life are better left unsaid, the longer I live, I think most things are.” I remember a conversation with my son a few months ago. I asked James what do you think about _____ (item intentionally left blank for this example). He turned to ask my opinion and I told him, “I already know what I think, I want to know what you think? I sure wish that was my standard operating point when talking with others. Your words carry greater weight when there are fewer of them to wade through in a conversation. Maybe the place to stop talking is after the greeting, then allow the conversation to be directed by someone other than yourself. Let’s try this, stop talking and listen, that might be the time to sip that perfect cup of coffee.

Moderation should rule the day

Moderation, a word that has lost true meaning in society circa 2021. Supersize everything you eat, I want everything immediately and can you please hurry this blog along I have so much to do. Is kindness and humility being sacrificed on the alter of speed and efficiency? I find there is no easy way to reverse a bad trend. You must STOP and readjust immediately, continue with this new path until it becomes your normal behavior. I can stop the chaos that has crept into my life and so can you. It might be a little messy and strange for a while but the results will begin to appear instantly. Go have a great cup of coffee and quietly listen to your child as he pours some milk into his cereal, it really is that easy.

3 thoughts on “Learning to Stop at the correct Time

  1. jevo says:

    I had to read this blog twice in order to comment.

    The first time I read it the only thing that jumped out was I sometimes don’t know when to stop.

    The second time I read it I actually allowed myself to digest what Duane had written. It helped me realize I have been making progress on stopping. More and more I am realizing I am stopping and then starting again.

    A good blog Duane and my recommendation to all reading it is read and digest it more than once without commenting.

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  2. Cyndi says:

    Great thoughts! I do love that first cup of coffee, and the second. Then I stop. I find other people are more interesting than me, especially my Dad who has so many stories! I need to work on pouring the milk slowly… Thanks so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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