Is China Immune from COVID19?

Too much has been written about COVID19 to this point, yet we are still unsure of its actual origin or its long term affects. We appear to be in a second wave of outbreaks but there is a silence coming out of China. Has China, Japan or Korea felt the sting of this new wave of destruction? I will focus briefly on China for this article. I am curious if the numbers coming out of China are true? This is not another conspiracy theory paper, just a curious onlooking from a citizen that doesn’t understand the picture that is being portrayed.

The origin of COVID19 and the date of the first case can vary depending on your sources. There is one certainty, this virus has upended the world’s financial systems unlike anything I have viewed in my 60 years on earth. I want to start with some quick statistics. Here is the current numbers from The WHO (World Health Organization):

United States: Population ~320 million. Deaths 405,000, percentage of population .13% dead from COVID 19. Czech Republic ~ 10 million. Deaths 15,000, percentage of population .16% dead from COVID 19. China 1.5 Billion. Deaths 4,803, percentage of population .0003% dead from COVID 19. China is 4.7 times greater in population than the United States, 150 times larger in population than the Czech Republic. If we examine the Czech Republic, for every person in the Czech Republic, China has 150 people. The death rate from COVID19 is 16/100 of one percent in the Czech Republic. The death rate in China is 3/10,000 of one percent. These numbers are astonishing when you think of the population differences in the two countries. How has China attained and maintained such low numbers while the world is experiencing its second wave of the COVID19 outbreak?

It appears China has a second wave of Covid19 moving across its country. Breitbart news reported on 12 January 2021. Here is a link to the article: The wonder of it all is still the low number of deaths reported in China. The second thing to consider is the death rate in other parts of the world are inflated. While countries like Denmark and Sweden played with the concept of herd immunity, they eventually found it to be ineffective and had to start lock downs in hotbed areas. “Without a vaccine, most doctors and scientist agree that the herd immunity approach of letting the virus “”take its course”” is not acceptable. Letting the Corona Virus circulate freely among the public would result in thousands of deaths and millions of people left with the possible lasting and long term effects of lung, heart, brain or kidney damage.” Again, I cannot overstate the fact we know very little about the long term effects of this virus.

While it is tempting to vilify China for this pandemic a better approach might be to look at what is being done to contain the spread in a country of 1.5 billion. The pandemic has opened up an onslaught of mis-information from social media right down to our suspect American Media News. I have heard more opinions disguised as certainty in the last year than any prior time in my life. Vaccine, no vaccine, masks, no masks, it could drive you crazy if you tried to keep up. We had an old saying in the Marine Corps, “When you are hanging on by your fingertips, don’t go waving your arms”. Very soon, you will need to make a decision who can be trusted on this subject. Is China immune to COVID 19? The honest answer is, we will probably never really know. Take the best information you have available to you, discount social media altogether, and consider news sources outside the country. Foreign Affairs and the BBC are fairly reliable sources. Stay safe during this continued time of uncertainty and temper what you read and listen to until more facts emerge.

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