The God of crisis

I see an outpouring of love and benevolence during this Coronavirus pandemic. During times of crisis in our lives we are forced to achknowledge mankind’s vulnerability. When a tragedy enters our lives, human nature drives us to blame someone or something. Is there really a loving God as Christians claim? Why would he allow something as horrific as a pandemic to befall all mankind?

Those reading this post that have children, regardless of their age, understand this emotion very well. When my children were teenagers (a very volatile age at times) understand being the greatest parent one day and the worst ever all within a twenty four hour period. I had the same experience growing up with parents I did not fully understand. Yet, age teaches us something very different. When you are in a crisis the character of the people in your life can look very different. It is important to make your judgements based on past experiences, the character of a person over time, not just the current moment. Crisis will come and go, regardless of your age. It is the things we learn during the crisis that has the greatest influence on our lives.

The God that sacrificed his son for mankind’s shortcomings is the same today. In giving man freewill he took his greatest gamble. Will mankind love me because they want to? We want our freedom, what we don’t want is anyone or anything to interfere with our daily schedule, that is until a crisis arrives. Then, God, if you are real, show up and fix our dilemma. This demonstrates a teenage mentality of relationships; you are the greatest when you do everything I want, the worst when you don’t. Like a parent giving us the freedom to make mistakes, God patiently and loving waits to help his children. Isn’t it funny how independence is most often felt when no crisis is present.

The good news (Gospel means good news) is that God loves you more than you can comprehend. The God of crisis that we call too in our time of need is the same God in our good times. I do not know how this crisis will play out, I only know the God of the universe that loves us in the good and the bad times. Search your hearts deeply today and these things will resonate with your soul . I pray this crisis will pass you and leace you unharmed. I also pray you come to know the God of crisis that loves you without end. May his peace and love guide us during these uncertain times.

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