The Christmas Treadmill

People today are very busy. Technology has reduced the time it takes to accomplish mundane tasks,the time saved is usually reinvested by adding more things to our schedule. This drives us to planners, calendars, reminder apps and a host of other buzzers, beepers, popups on our phone, alerts from alexa, etc…. We have stepped on to the treadmill of productivity. Christmas appears to be its own treadmill of obligations, school plays, dinners, parties, buying gifts, trying to attend every conceivable event we can attach to our calendars. Maybe, this year we can slow down, exhale and just enjoy each others company. It is ironic that in the Christmas story from the Bible that the angels tell the shepherds “Peace on earth” was promised through the Christ child born in the manger. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, isn’t “Peace on earth” the thing we want most in our lives? Step off the Christmas treadmill today. Slow down and relax. Turn the news off for a few days, it won’t change much in your absence. Give more than you get this Christmas season. Give the gift of yourself to your family and friends. I wish each of you a Merry Christmas, and “Peace on earth”.

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