Updating New Year’s resolutions

The start of a New Year can be a refreshing time. We reflect each new year on the previous 12 months and sometimes grimace at the same time. Yet, there is such a freshness to it that allows us another chance to recommit to the things we would like to accomplish in the coming 12 months. Most people realize how short lived resolutions are within a 6 weeks period. I have often thought a goal to lose 50 pounds in the coming year is just too ambitious. Maybe we should have a one week resolution. Write down and track your progress each week. This would allow you to address obstacles you might not have anticipated when you made the resolution. The second thing is the goal needs to be specific. An ambiguous goal is the same as not having one at all. For example “I want to get in shape this coming year”. I think you get the point; getting in shape needs to be clearly defined. I want to encourage you to start doing the things you have been planning for a long time. Start today and write down the most basic of goals. Start walking 2 minutes each day until it becomes a habit. Put your tennis shoes out and don’t put them away until you have done your walk. The reward of accomplishing your goals will keep you going and give you the momentum to continue. Is there something you have wanted to do for a long time? Do not wait until January 1, 2020 to start. Try the one week goal tracking. You will get a head start on the new year.

4 thoughts on “Updating New Year’s resolutions

  1. John EV O'Keefe says:

    I gave up unrealistic New Years resolutions years ago. the last few years I have made a simple resolution to pick a single resolution that would enhance my spiritual walk.


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