Why do we disobey rules?

Webster defines the word rule: one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere. The governing conduct is particularly interesting, especially if you have children. Children learn a couple things at an early age, the first is the word “no”. The second is how to push the boundaries their parents impose on their lives. Not much changes into adulthood. Humans want to know what the boundaries are for any activity in which they participate. I drive a car, what is my curfew (home rules) what is the maximum speed I can drive (road rules). Everyone reading this article realizes these exists in any society. Yet, we all push the boundaries of these rules on a daily basis. You drive your car over the speed limit, yet try to keep it below the speed you think a police officer would give you a ticket. If we are on a back road there is no telling what speed we will drive. I have noticed when the rules apply to us, we try to stretch the rules to the limits. When the rules apply to someone else we judge them harshly if they do not obey them to the letter of the law. Maybe deep inside we believe that a special set of rules should apply to us, rules that are let’s say “flexible”. Maybe the thing to learn is to follow the rules regardless of others actions. If we would quit comparing ourselves to others and just do the right thing we would see amazing changes, primarily within.

2 thoughts on “Why do we disobey rules?

  1. John EV O'Keefe says:

    Good food for thought Duane. I found on my last 40 day 6500plus mile trip I often exceeded the speed limit on our 4 lane highways by 4mph. Even then many more vehicles passed me than I passed. No speeding tickets for me but that doesn’t make it right.


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